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AMCO Asset Management

AMCO provides professional asset management solutions to leasing companies, banks and law firms who require comprehensive assistance for all issues related to machinery and industrial heavy equipment in case of risk assessment, payment default, recoveries, insolvencies or business liquidations. We add value to moveable assets - preowned or new - thanks to our international remarketing services and sales management. Being AMCO Asset Management a comprehensive service approach, our customers benefit from our additional services such as appraisal and valuation of machinery, technical inspections and reports, recoveries and logistics services including storage. 

Appraisal and valuation of assets or fleets:

:: Ascertainment and pricing of machinery

:: Technical inspections and reporting

:: Evaluation of equipment and fleet condition

:: True market values

Recovery of heavy equipment:

:: Removal from service, protection and storage of machinery

:: Consignment

:: Recovery of documentation

Sales and Trading:

:: Re-marketing and sales of heavy equipment

:: New and used machinery

:: International sales promotion for entire fleets

:: Purchase or trade-in of heavy equipment by AMCO


Logistics services:

:: Shipping and special transportation

:: Storage of machinery

:: Controlled access to protected assets for the customer

:: Insurances for loading and shipping